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Health Data Breaches Increase 97% in 2011

A recent released report shows that in 2011 there was a 97% increase (year over year) in data breaches of protected health information (PHI). The report authored by Redspin, Inc. also showed that 19 million patient’s health records were affected in this increase in breaches. Over the past few years there has been an unprecedented level of data breaches carried out by thieves and other unauthorized individuals who either stole or snooped into patient records.

The Redspin’s 2011 PHI Breach Evaluation utilized info through the U.S. Division of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) documents. They looked at HHS files for health connected information breaches in between 2009 and November 2011. The company’s evaluation showed that from the 385 breaches throughout this time around period, 39% took location through a laptop pc or some other transportable device. An additional 25% occurred on a desktop Computer or perhaps a network server. The biggest percentage was from malicious intent either to steal or to view. This was 60%.

The Need to Lock Down Remote Access

Quite a few IT departments throughout the U.S. are much more worried about safety problems associated with remote access applications and remote management goods. This new awareness happens the heels of recent info concerning the theft of Symantec’s pcAnywhere’s supply code. This headline news has highlighted the continuing problem of poorly configured remote access applications. These applications account to get a big slice of all information breaches.

Two current research have verified that there’s a issue with remote-access software program. Safety firm, Trustwave released a international safety report that showed 62% of information breaches had been through remote access software program. The study looked over 300 breaches and analyzed the outcomes of numerous testing it conducted with respect to its customers. This discovering matches up using the other new study by Verizon. That business checked out breaches and discovered that 64% of information thieves utilized weaknesses in remote access software program.

Using Document Destruction Florida Choices

Protecting your privacy is very important today. Through the use of document destruction Florida, many organizations are able to eliminate the possibility that any sensitive information can be accessed by anyone, especially those looking to use it in an illegal manner.

Because this type of need is increasing as more people become aware of the need, businesses are being created that will provide the shredding or otherwise disposing of these records and documents. The use of these industries is more and more common these days.

Many choices for services can be found for this type of work these days. Mobile units are found which will arrive at your business to perform this work or might elect to send your records to a company as well. The options you select are going to be determined based on the amount of records you want destroyed in addition to the cost of the work being done.

Three Types Of Managed IT Hosting Options

Taking care of database management is only one of the many services offered by managed IT hosting. Service provider companies assist clients with a number of different projects. Collocation services, virtual hosting and dedicated managed hosting are all options for the small company. A more in-depth look at the services provided by these IT tech companies is required before choosing just one.

Virtual services are essential for flexibility. These days cloud databases are a major hit. A cloud database is one option offered through a services provider. A cloud is a centralized storage area that enables users to access it in order to use software applications and information. Multiple people can log into a cloud at any one time. The cloud can also be set as private or made public so that anyone can access it through the Internet. Your own virtual cloud can cost as little as $250 a month through a service provider.

How Will Managed IT Hosting Assist My Company?

Your business will receive very important benefits from managed IT hosting that will help reach and carry on growth and success. Hosting service is designed using a package of services to not only improve server efficiency, but also reduce administration expenses. Managed IT hosting offers extreme data protection.

Backup and redundancy protection along with monitoring and quick response should be included with state-of-the-art security features in a unique service package developed to avoid a loss of information and provide continuous protection. You can free up more of your resources to focus on your business, rather than on IT when you use a scalable infrastructure maintained by the hosting service to handle that end.

When you leave the responsibilities of IT to the pros, you will discover extra time, energy and capital available to invest in business promotion and development. They have the expertise to relieve you of that burden. A competitive edge is another benefit of using a hosting provider who delivers a sustainable, safe and cost-effective infrastructure. You can choose from basic hosting services or a customized comprehensive solution for your business needs that can be developed by experienced professionals from your hosting service.

What Should You Anticipate From Managed IT Services

Finding a managed IT services provider requires you to do some looking. There are several numbers of providers available for you to choose, Look for a well established company that has a good reputation and check out their current client list.

Review the history of the provider and the types of technologies they use to make sure they can provide your business with cutting-edge tools.

Your business will need a secure yet flexible IT infrastructure that can offer high performance computing solutions for your data centers and state of the art security solutions.

A quality IT service can offer disaster recovery planning services plus system migrations solutions, to provide a complete approach to manage your IT services.

Consulting, innovative services and solutions aligning IT and business processes is the product of a superior IT management service. Custom business solutions and system integration can streamline the performance of your business.

Three Reasons For Managed IT Services Of Your Database

A growing small business could definitely gain from the use of Managed IT services for you systems and database. These kinds of services are performed by an outside company that is skilled in one particular area such as, databases. You’ll be one of the IT management provider’s clients, which may seem odd as a business owner. The service provider will handle all of the database information and provide access to it via high speed Internet. You’ll find many reasons for choosing an outside service provider to manage your database.

Managed IT services allow you to create a set budget. Managed IT providers usually charge a set monthly fee for their services. This will enable you to budget for IT related fees without the cost changing all the time. An outside provider charges a fixed price whereas one’s own IT guys maintaining a company database means that the costs can go up and down as the techs spend more or less hours on job. Simple database management services can run as little as $500 dollars a month. Versus to the costs of doing everything in house this is a very good deal.

Protect Your Blog From Hacking? Tips For Guaranteed Protection

If you have a blog then you need to know how to protect your blog from hacking. Not everyone is a computer guru. But it is a lot of basic common sense that is needed to do this effectively.

Some of the basic rules of computer uses should apply to the protection of blogs. Regardless of the type of software that you are using, you should keep it updated.

Whether you are using WordPress or a different platform for your blog, you need to keep it updated at all times. To further protect yourself, you should never have the version you are using, displayed on your blog. Things happen in life and you may not get the latest update as soon as it was available. It is not tragic but if your version is displayed, it is like having a sign visible to all hackers. The purpose of updates is to often patch vulnerabilities.

Simple Tips To Help You Find The Best Information Security Consultants

Information security consultants mainly deal with securing sensitive data from unauthorized access. When a system is breached, governments, companies and even individuals can incur heavy losses. Access of sensitive data by the wrong parties can be disastrous . To ensure that chances of this happening are very slim, it is necessary to make sure that there are no loopholes in the system . This can be achieved easily by hiring experts to design and inspect the systems.

These professionals also offer advisory services to organizations regarding secure data storage. They also give recommendations on best practices to minimize risks. However, the loopholes in the system must be identified before the recommendations can be given.

Designing a secure system is a major requirement in ensuring that data is protected. Hackers and other criminals usually target the weakest points in a system. Companies that specialize in securing sensitive data often advise their clients on how to come up with secure systems with fewer areas of vulnerability.