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A Guide on Preventing Identity Theft

As one of the fastest growing crimes, identity theft costs businesses billions of dollars in losses each year. The confidential Information on sensitive documents is considered a prime target of criminals seeking to commit identity theft. Such information on the documents that criminals can use include: product development information, bank statements, credit card statements, contracts, sales slips, receipts, inventory lists and financial and personal information of clients, employees, vendors, and business affiliates. Fortunately, there are steps businesses can take to prevent identify theft.

Today, businesses generate tons of documents with sensitive information. When it comes to disposing of these documents, using the services of a document shredding company is the best solution to keeping the documents from being lost or stolen. Enlisting the services of a document destruction company to permanently destroy all of your sensitive documents as soon as they are no longer needed will ensure that your business maintains compliance with government privacy laws. The shredding services include either on-site shredding services or off-site shredding services.

With on-site or mobile shredding, a truck with an industrial shredder is sent to the place of business where the documents will be destroyed on-site. The documents are collected from the secure locked bins that have been provided and placed throughout the business location. They are then shredded though the shredder on the back of the truck. Upon completion, the document shredding company will provide the business with a Certificate of Document Destruction which is legal confirmation that the documents were permanently destroyed using methods that meet government regulations. With off-site shredding services, the document destruction company takes the documents back to the facility where they are put through a shredding machine at the facility. In both services, the shredded remains are taken to a recycling facility. These companies have implemented the strictest security protocols to ensure the papers are never lost, stolen, or viewed.

Often many large businesses will generate pile of documents that end up in many boxes which quickly accumulate in the business. This is not a secure way to keep all of the documents. If a business has a lot of boxes of sensitive information that are not to be destroyed, there are companies that specialize in providing secure storage of the papers. They provide a secure facility protected from unauthorized entry and they have the proper environmental security technology and protocols in place to ensure the documents remain undamaged while in storage. Businesses have access to their documents at any time. It is an ideal way to safely store confidential documents rather than storing them at the business where there is a risk of a security breach or damage.

Today, identity thieves are always on the search for sensitive documents to steal from businesses and individuals. It is important to implement the best security protocols to protect confidential papers. This includes secure disposal and secure storage. If not, the results can be financially devastating. Document shredding services and document storage services are a secure way to keep sensitive documents out of the hands of criminals.

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