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Protect Your Blog From Hacking? Tips For Guaranteed Protection

If you have a blog then you need to know how to protect your blog from hacking. Not everyone is a computer guru. But it is a lot of basic common sense that is needed to do this effectively.

Some of the basic rules of computer uses should apply to the protection of blogs. Regardless of the type of software that you are using, you should keep it updated.

Whether you are using WordPress or a different platform for your blog, you need to keep it updated at all times. To further protect yourself, you should never have the version you are using, displayed on your blog. Things happen in life and you may not get the latest update as soon as it was available. It is not tragic but if your version is displayed, it is like having a sign visible to all hackers. The purpose of updates is to often patch vulnerabilities.

Any place that you must use a password, ensure that your password is a strong one. This means that you are not using words found in the dictionary. Your pet’s name, your child or spouse’s name or not setting any password is just not a good idea.

A common old-school attack is the brute force attack. This is a hacker throwing thousands of combinations of passwords to gain entry. It may not get into a system but it can tie up server traffic for some time. The best way to protect your blog from hacking is to set the limit of log on attempts and to have a strong password.

The typical amount of log in attempts is three. After three, the user is locked out until the administrator resets the account or a certain amount of time passes. The highest this threshold should be is five. If a hacker reaches your admin account, they have access to everything.

File permissions are very important. Understand what they are and understand how to correctly set them up. If you set these up incorrectly, you can either allow access to sensitive material or deny access to those that need it.

Incorrect settings can prevent your readers from areas of your blog or website. So, complete comprehension is necessary in this area. These are the first steps to knowing how to protect your blog from hacking.

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