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Sir Berners-Lee: Message To The IT Security Experts

The founder of Net, Sir Tim Berners Lee, lately gave a short speech in Europe Conference of this year. In the address, he pointed out the value of risk-free products within modern IT systems and revealed his own views regarding the future of security in IT systems.

Berners-Lee particularly outlined the significance of public encryption system for transport of information inside establishments. He stated that he wanted this particular system to offer even more advantages, however, regrettably, the majority of information encryption resources aren’t quite great. The great majority of offered data encryption resources possess bad interfaces as well as complex choices and this is why individuals don’t make use of these kinds of complex resources.

Lee shared the example of a free of charge encryption software referred to as GPG. He stated that this software costs nothing and could be employed by institutions without any kind of issues, yet its graphical user interface is actually bad and as a result, folks don’t prefer this particular software.

Sir Berners-Lee also said that apart from encryption tools, personal devices also needs revamp. He said that the users of the devices should be given more control over machines and the interfaces of the built in applications should be user friendly and easy to use. If the applications and devices are easy to use, more people will be interested in us ing such tools and devices. He also emphasized on the importance of cloud technology and said that clouds should provide detailed control to users. Encrypted flash drives are other tools available to secure data.

Berners-Lee is the managing director of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This particular business is focusing on advanced resources and system that are especially geared towards offering comfort as well as simplicity of use to operators. Berners-Lee recognized late Chief executive officer of Apple company, Steve Jobs, and stated that he was really a champ of his own area and added greatly in improvement of system.

His final message to the technology experts present in the in Europe Conference 2011 was to build well designed applications.

Article about the inventor of the Internet and his concern over data security. Secure usb drives are tools for securing data.

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