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Sir Berners-Lee: Message To The IT Security Experts

The founder of Net, Sir Tim Berners Lee, lately gave a short speech in Europe Conference of this year. In the address, he pointed out the value of risk-free products within modern IT systems and revealed his own views regarding the future of security in IT systems.

Berners-Lee particularly outlined the significance of public encryption system for transport of information inside establishments. He stated that he wanted this particular system to offer even more advantages, however, regrettably, the majority of information encryption resources aren’t quite great. The great majority of offered data encryption resources possess bad interfaces as well as complex choices and this is why individuals don’t make use of these kinds of complex resources.

Lee shared the example of a free of charge encryption software referred to as GPG. He stated that this software costs nothing and could be employed by institutions without any kind of issues, yet its graphical user interface is actually bad and as a result, folks don’t prefer this particular software.

Should You Think About A Second Datacentre? The Ambiguous Requirement For Extra Backup

In the world of business today information is the key to success. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the data that is essential to the operation of one’s establishment be protected against loss due to any reason. This can include damage to the means of storage, theft, tampering, natural disaster, or fire. One way that this is accomplished is that an offshore data center is set up in another location with a backup of the critical files.

The kind of need that the establishment in question has in the way of offshore data storage will often dictate how this particular operation is carried out. This can often mean that an entire room or and entire floor is set aside for the purpose of housing the needed computer systems. Which in turn will allow the company employees the access to the information needed to do their jobs in a way that is accurate efficient, and timely.

Why You Need To Protect Your Online Privacy

Cyber space has almost taken over as the final frontier. We spend almost as much time on the internet as we do in the real world. There are people whose lives revolve around the internet. Without it they are almost crippled in their operations. There are also those who prey on others online information. It is possible to surf anonymously to protect your internet privacy.

There is a lot of information that is available on the internet. There is also a lot of information that goes out form you to cyberspace. Every time that you are on your browser your computer is sending out information. Website owners have tools that they can use to identify you every time you visit their website.

Don’t Forget To Back Up Your Website

More and more web masters nowadays do not value the importance of a complete website backup (files and databases). They have left this to chance and good luck which poses a great risk to their online presence.

After spending countless hours developing a site with search engine optimisation and html techniques a sudden server crash could wipe all the months of hard toil and effort out in an instant. Can you relate to this? Then read this important article which might save you an arm and a leg later.

Web site backup is the most ignored task of the web masters simply because it poses no immediate threat to them until something worse happen to their hosting server. Many times, this task is set aside, delayed and even regarded as nuisance to the busy website owner.

They just don’t realize what is at stake here.

No Cost Anti-virus Software Programs

If your budget is tight and don’t want to spend money on a antivirus program, you should take into consideration the following six as recommended by PC World: Avira AntiVir Personal, Alwil Avast Anti Virus Home Edition, AVG 8. 5 Free, Microsoft Security Essentials, PC Tools Antivirus Free Edition and Comodo Internet Security. These absolutely free apps have been tested, rated, and examined by PC World.

But, don’t forget that free software will not give you everything that the paid ones do. Most free software offer little to no technical support if you run into problems. They may offer online forums or charge you for over the phone technical support. For example, AVG offers paid telephone support for $50 which is actually insane and not worth it.

Free anti-virus software have fewer frequent updates which in today’s world with new viruses and adware appearing all the time maybe a major problem. Free software also offers limited features. For example, Avira’s paid anti-virus softwarewill scan visitors before it’s downloaded to your laptop or computer, but it’s free version doesn’t.

Network Security Testing : Information And Advice

These days, many businesses now have their own computer network through which they run many of their operations. It is important that you take as many steps as possible to keep this network secure at all times, so testing it regularly really matters. One common type of network security test is called a penetration test, which is when someone tries to access the network to see if it has any flaws. Firstly, you need to define the parameters of the test so you know what you’re dealing with.

The first big part of the process is to hold a planning meeting where certain people will need to be in attendance. This means calling in the people who will be doing the penetration testing alongside relevant staff from the company, although it is usually best to keep most other staff in the dark about what’s going on. This meeting is a chance for the testers to find out exactly what you want them to do, such as check the whole system or a specific part of it.

Simple Pointers On Safe Internet Surfing

Today the internet is a very popular activity for people. There are many activities that can be done online like emails, social networking, chatting, and even playing games. Besides there are the traditional uses of getting information and news bits from various sites. With this extensive usage comes the risk of online threats. By adopting safe internet surfing tips you can protect yourself.

Typically everyone would have a bunch of email accounts for various purposes, some social networking memberships and possibly some other online institution or organization memberships. One of the most common mistakes that many of us commit is having a standard username and password for all our online accounts. Even the security question and answer patterns are the same.

While picking a password one must ensure that it is unique and cannot be related to your personal information. At the same time, one must try to keep different passwords for mail accounts and other accounts. This will ensure that even if one of them is compromised, you do not lose your entire online identity.

Helpful Guidelines and Tips on Security and Surveillance Systems

If you see yourself at the stage where you need to come across a trustworthy and useful security and surveillance system for your home or business then you should be prepared to feel beleaguered. The plethora of technologies, amount of brands out there, also the bewildering range of attributes and selections is hard to believe. It’s as easy as needing to have a prepared and well-planned strategy leading up to time that you buy. The best and obvious course of action is to do your research, and then you need to accurately assess what you need in this kind of system.

If you own a company, it would be a wise decision to install a security and surveillance system. You can save about 22 percent on your business insurance if you install a monitoring system. Of course, you will have to verify that you actually have the system in the company, but this is not hard to do. Chances are that you already know that a majority of insurance companies want you to have a monitoring system set in place for security reasons. So, maybe, if your present insurance company does not require this, you can save money when you switch to one that does.

List of Free Public Criminal Records

People tend to worry about their safety, especially because criminal activities seem to occur everywhere nowadays. Fortunately, several precautionary measures are provided by the government so people can avoid getting harmed. For instance, South Carolina Criminal Records are made open for everyone to see and use for any kind of investigation on someone. With the availability of this information, running a criminal background check on a person is hassle-free and quick.

A criminal document can give you a lot of details about a certain individual. It can reveal if the person was engaged in any unlawful acts in the past. It discloses the type of offense a person had committed, sentencing, the time and place where the incident happened and more. Hence, with the right criminal account on hand, finding out if someone is harmful or not is now viable.